***Website Rules and Guidelines***

This is our Content Policy 

We require that you have at least a profile picture. A cover photo is optional but recommend. It doesn’t have to be a personal photo of you

Trouble uploading photos?

If you’re having trouble uploading photos try opening the website up by typing the URL in your browser instead of using a link.

Groups/Group Creation

You may create a group of and about yourself or any topic. Please make sure there isn’t another group on the same topic. Please keep your group active. If you think you may be unable to keep it active please do not create it. If your group allows nudity please indicate so in your group description. Edit: Group creation has been disabled. If you’d like to create a group please contact admin

Can you post videos?

Due to the cost of AWS video conversion, we will be restricting video posts to members who are in the Gold Membership or who have paid for General Admission memberships as they are the ones paying for the service… This will be in effect until we find a better solution. if you are a member of “The Showroom” or “Diamond Room” “Gold Room” you may post videos as well

Gifs are a great alternative to video and may be posted by anyone. They will also auto-play in the feed. If you post a video without membership to the Merow Room, The Show Room, or General Admission access it will be removed. If it is excessive you will be banned.

Solitary Dick Picture

We have one for them: They have a great following of ladies eager and ready to gaze at the many wonderful contributors to the website! If you are asked to remove a post of your phallic masterpiece and repost it in the appropriate group please do so. That group is the only places they may be posted The Male Member and groups that allow them in the group description.

We do not allow tribute videos or pictures

OnlyFans and Outside Promotional Links

This is first and foremost a community. We allow advertising as a way to benefit creators. If you do not follow our advertising guidelines you will be banned

Advertising is only allowed in the one group specifically for advertising. You can find it in the group’s description or by going to group categories under the group’s tab, click the arrows to the right under “Advertising” or by clicking here Advertising Groups (Onlyf@ns)

Do not use hashtags that are advertising-related in the incorrect groups or places.

We consider alluding to advertising or “fringe” advertising as advertising. Please keep advertising to the appropriate groups and places

If you are caught direct messaging people your promotional links without consent you will be banned. If you cannot follow our advertising guidelines your account will be banned

We allow advertising but if all you do is advertise and add nothing to the community outside of that we will remove your account. Please contribute to our growth and community.

✨ If you use our service to advertise we ask that you join and post some content in our premium groups. ✨

Free The Beehee

The Gold Room

Dinosaur Future


There is a cap of 1500 friends you can add. This is to increase website performance.

Tips and Tricks

  1. When you make a post it will automatically post as viewable by friends only . You can change that by hitting the globe icon.

2. You can post directly to a group you’re a member of from your main feed.

3. There are many customizable options. Including switching between dark mode and light mode and allowing others to post on your page. You can switch from using your name to your username in these settings. They can be found by going to Profile>About>Preferences

4. Manage notifications for yourself and groups. This will alleviate the mass amount of notifications you don’t want to filter through. Profile>About>Notifications


When posting videos there is a 250mb cap for an uploaded video

If you run into any issues or have any questions please contact an admin via direct message or our Contact email

Featured Creator / Creator Spotlight

If you’d like to be a featured creator in our creator spotlight please contact Admin via Direct Message on the site or send an email to Contact

Due to the nature of the content on the website please do not post pictures of anyone under 18 years of age. They will be removed

Please report any content that goes against community standards or any content that is posted in the wrong group.

This is the internet folks. Be safe. Keep vital information to yourself.